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The Education in a Digital Universe (EDU) project is working with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) to design, develop, implement, and run an integrated program to promote Digital Learning in K-12 school districts across NJ. The vision of the (EDU) project is to foster the effective use of digital learning tools by educators to allow all students to be college and career ready citizens who are productively engaged in the digital universe. The mission of the EDU is to undertake a series of activities that recognize exemplary groups and individuals in Digital Learning, as well as provide means of and support for self-assessment and improvement in all of these priority areas.


Future Ready Schools - New Jersey

Future Ready Schools New Jersey logoThe NJDOE, NJSBA, and NJIT are establishing the Future Ready Schools-NJ (FRS-NJ) recognition program. Designed to spearhead the statewide modernization of New Jersey schools, the goal of this recognition program is to promote a systemic approach to change through the cycle of transformation where districts envision, plan, implement, and assess continually with student learning as the focal point for their aligned efforts. This will lead to students engaging in the learning process in new ways and utilizing digital learning tools and 21st century skills. FRS-NJ will provide the needed guidance and resources to school leaders, administrators and school board members regarding how to identify gaps in district/school preparedness for digital learning, and then make resources available to help address those gaps.

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