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Causing a Powerful Impact

The College of Science and Liberal Arts at NJIT provides the cause -- cutting-edge research, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching.  You produce the effect -- a challenging career and successful future no matter what discipline you choose: biology, chemistry, communication, environmental science history, mathematics, physics.

The universe is changing very quickly.  Every day in every profession, people everywhere are applying technology to make new discoveries that revolutionize the way we learn, think, and communicate.

Imagine a career in which you contribute to this amazing wave of transformation.  With the right education and expertise, you can be part of an exciting world where science and technology intersect to create meaningful results.

Robert Miura

Who Studies Liberal Arts and Science at a Technological University?

Research at NJIT Has Many New Faces

From solar data collected on Antarctic ice plains where the December sun doesn’t set, to the hunt for new species in underground caves in Iran that light never penetrates, to space...

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