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A Legal Edge

March 19, 2015
The verdict is in: law schools and employers with a need for legal acumen are definitely interested in applicants who have a strong, relevant background in science and technology as well as the social sciences and humanities. >>
Jonathan Curley, senior university lecturer in NJIT's Department of Humanities, co-stars in Love & Arguments, a new film that will be screened as part of the Maplewood Ideas Festival on March 26 at 7 p.m. at the Maplewood Memorial Library.  >>
Maurie Cohen, associate professor in NJIT's Department of Humanities, is the recipient of the 2015–2016 Lewis O. Kelso Fellowship for the study of employee ownership, profit sharing, and broad-based equity compensation in corporations and society in the United States. The award is conferred annually by the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. >>
NJIT Humanities Professors Christopher Funkhouser and Andrew Klobucar were invited to present at Interrupt 3, a discussion forum and studio for new forms of language art, on March 12-15 at Brown University.  >>
Theresa Hunt, University Lecturer in NJIT's Department of Humanities, presented her research at the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Annual Conference in New York City. >>

NJIT Innovations

Phil Goode Video Feature

Philip R. Goode, PhD, distinguished professor of physics at NJIT led the project to build the world's most capable solar telescope.

Survival of the Beautiful

David ROthenberg Video Feature

A summary of talks and presentations curated by David Rothenberg from participants at the All-Day WONDER CABINET inspired by the book Survival of the Beautiful.

Faculty Profile: Norbert Elliot

Norbert Elliot Video Feature

Norbert Elliot, a professor of English at NJIT, doesn't make his students write endless essays.