Academic Advising

For general advising and for those students who are undecided in their major, transitioning into another major at NJIT, or who need additional support to graduate successfully and in a timely manner, please contact the Advising Success Center (ASC):

Fenster Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 260
Phone: (973) 596-5598




Phone Number


Biological Sciences        
  Daniel Bunker

973-642-7537 Junior Year Students (last names M-Z)
  Jorge Golowasch

973-596-8444 PhD students
  Gal Haspel

973-596-8198 Masters' students
  Karen Roach


All Accelerated MD, DMD, OD, DPT, PA, Senior Year Students, Transfer Students

  Gareth Russell

973-596-6412 Junior Year Students (last names A-L)
Chemistry and Environmental Science        
  Roumiana Petrova

973-596-4076 UG Chemistry Majors
  Kathleen Gilbert 973-596-3598 Biochemistry 
  Mike Bonchonsky 973-596-5583 Environmental Science 
  Maureen O'Rourke 973-596-3284 History Major, Law, Technology and Culture Major, Dual Major LTC & Biology, Dual Major LTC and Chemistry, Dual Major LTC and Physics, History Minor, Student Inquiries
  Dr. Alison Leftovitz 973-596-3292 Law, Technology and Culture Major, Legal Studies Minor, Dual Major LTC & Biology, Dual Major LTC and Chemistry, Dual Major LTC and Physics 
  Dr. Christopher Funkhouser 973-596-6335 Communication and Media Major, Communication Minor, Electronic Creative Writing Minor
  Michael Tress 973-596-5609 Science, Technology, and Society Major
  Dr. Maurie Cohen 973-596-5281 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor, Science, Technology and Society Minor 
  Michele Rittenhouse 973-596-3457 Theatre Arts and Technology Drama/Theatre Minor
  Dr. Nancy Steffen-Fluhr 973-596-3295 Global Studies Minor, Technology and Gender Diversity Minor
  Dr. Jon Curley 973-596-8549 Literature Minor
  Dr. Eric Katz 973-596-3270 Philosophy Minor
Mathematical Sciences         
  Undergraduate Advisors      
  Bruce G. Bukiet 973-596-8392 All New Math Majors
  David Horntrop 973-642-4261 Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology & Computational Science
  Peter G. Petropoulos 973-596-5626 Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology & Computational Science
  Yuan-Nan Young 973-642-7034 Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology & Computational Science
  Sunil K. Dhar 973-596-3488 Applied Statistics
  Karen D. Rappaport 973-642-4787 Mathematics of Finance & Actuarial Science
  Brittany Froese 973-596-5464 Math Minor
  Shidong Jiang 973-596-3141 Math Minor
  Catalin Turc 973-596-5327 Math Minor
  Graduate Advisors      
  Linda J. Cummings 973-596-5479 PhD in Applied Mathematics
  Lou Kondic 973-596-2996 PhD in Applied Mathematics
  Sunil K. Dhar 973-642-3488 PhD in applied Statistics
  Richard Moore 973-596-5557 M.S. in Applied Math
  Wenge Guo 973-596-3498 M.S. in Applied Statistics 
  Ji Meng Loh 973-596-2949 M.S. in Applied Statistics
  Sundar Subramanian 973-642-4496 M.S. in Biostatistics 
  Andrew Pole 973-642-4097 M.S. in Mathematical & Computational Finance
  Tao Zhou 973-642-4931 UG First Year Students Advisor, Optical Science and Engineerings (OPSE) Program
  Andrew Gerrard 973-596-3360 UG Academic Supervisor, Astronomy (Astrophysics) Concentration
  Camelia Prodan 973-596-5456 UG Biophysics & Physics Minor
  Ken Ahn 973-596-5227 UG Dual Major
  Haimin Wang 973-596-5781 Graduate APPH Program

Andrei Sirenko 973-596-5342 Graduate MTSE Program