Biophotonics and Bioimaging Lab (B&B) of Dean Belfield

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About Us

Our research may be best characterized as biophotonics, photonic materials and molecular engineering. Particular emphasis focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nonlinear optical, photoresponsive, electrostrictive, and magnetostrictive nanostructured materials.

Molecular self-assembly and development of new polymer grafting methods are being investigated to prepare stable, highly functionalized polymeric materials.

Highly targeted-selective, photostable luminescent probes and multiphoton fluorescence imaging methods are being developed for angiogenesis and ion-selective bioimaging. Superfluorescence and stimulated emission depletion processes are being investigated through comprehensive ultrafast photophysical characterization of organic molecules.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kevin D. Belfield
Dean, College of Science and Liberal Arts
New Jersey Institute of Technology
207 Cullimore Hall
323 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Newark, NJ 07102 USA
Phone: 973-596-3676


Dr. Yuanwei Zhang
Assistant Professor
Chemistry and Environmnetal Science