Building the Future of Education, LEGOs Included

Written by: Jeremy Reich

LEGOs were recently in the spotlight on campus when Future Ready Schools - New Jersey and LEGO Education held the LEGO Education Symposium at NJIT. Approximately 60 educators and other educational stakeholders from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania gathered for a day filled with hands-on professional development. In addition to experiencing the instructive potential of those internationally famous building bricks, the day featured how robotics and coding can be integrated into multiple subject areas in elementary and middle school classrooms. Sponsored by LEGO Education, the event was free for all attendees, who had the opportunity to work with educational resources that included LEGO’s WeDo 2.0 and MINDSTORMS.

The symposium is one of a series of FutureReadyResource events being held at NJIT as a part of the Future Ready Schools – New Jersey initiative. Future Ready Schools – New Jersey is a certification program for schools throughout the state based on the national Future Ready Framework and the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Certification Program. It is a cooperative initiative among NJIT, the New Jersey Department of Education, and the New Jersey School Boards Association.

The FutureReadyResource events are designed to connect New Jersey educators and leaders to potential resources and information that can help them become certified as FutureReady through the Future Ready Schools – New Jersey Certification Program. Other events have included Summit Learning at NJIT and sessions at the inaugural Future Ready Schools – New Jersey Certification Summit, as well as numerous upcoming summer institutes that will be announced in the near future.