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NJIT Innovations

Phil Goode Video Feature

Philip R. Goode, PhD, distinguished professor of physics at NJIT led the project to build the world's most capable solar telescope.

Survival of the Beautiful

David ROthenberg Video Feature

A summary of talks and presentations curated by David Rothenberg from participants at the All-Day WONDER CABINET inspired by the book Survival of the Beautiful.

Faculty Profile: Norbert Elliot

Norbert Elliot Video Feature

Norbert Elliot, a professor of English at NJIT, doesn't make his students write endless essays.

NJIT Expert Available to Comment on Insect Action in "Ant...

NJIT Grads Accepted at the Best Law Schools

Change of Command

Research Lives! Record Funding Draws More than 100...

NJIT Grads Accepted at the Best Law Schools

In this year’s graduating class, students got into the nation’s top law schools. Gabrielle Rejouis, for instance, was accepted at Georgetown Law School, where she’ll begin her...

Two NJIT Students Travel to Dubai

NJIT offers students many opportunities to travel abroad -- to see the world -- and to acquire an international understanding.Recently, for instance, two NJIT students traveled to Dubai to attend...