About the College

A Diverse Community Devoted To Excellence

The College of Science and Liberal Arts (CSLA) is committed to student success through exemplary research, superb artistry, and outstanding education. Our six departments—Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Environmental Science, History, Humanities, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics—are home to internationally-renowned research centers, award-winning researchers and teachers, and outstanding students. We are a diverse group of scientists, scholars, and artists bound together by a commitment to intellectual excellence and the desire to understand the natural and social world in which we live.

Research and education are two sides of the same coin in CSLA. We integrate research into our courses and engage students in our research programs. Our departments thrive on interdisciplinary pursuits that connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Our goal is to build upon our expertise in the sciences and the liberal arts to understand and improve our global community while expanding the horizon of opportunity for our students.

Gordon ThomasWho Studies Liberal Arts and Science at a Technological University?

  • People who understand that technology is revolutionizing commerce and industry.
  • People who know that protecting the environment requires state-of-the-art science combined with an understanding of policy and culture.
  • Innovators who are creating new industries around emerging technologies like fiber optics, microelectronics, and microarray DNA chips.