Teacher Education Programs

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in conjunction with Rutgers-Newark Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) prepares students for New Jersey state certification in the following subject matter disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Social Studies
  • Technology Education

Though any major can be used to prepare for certification in NJ, NJIT has developed tracks in several majors in the College of Science and Liberal Arts (CSLA) to make the process easier.  These tracks allow for students to count some of the teacher education courses for some of the NJIT General University Requirements (GUR).  These majors are:

  • Communication and Media
  • Science Technology and Society
  • History
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Engineering Technology

The sooner the decision is made to begin teacher preparation the easier it is to complete the program requirements and the less duplication of required courses will be encountered.  It is best to consult with Dr. James Lipuma, the Teacher Education Program Coordinator for advisement about any questions concerning how the program works and what courses are needed or qualify for the program.  

For any questions regarding teacher education preparation matters at NJIT, please contact:

Bruce Bukiet, PHD
Teacher Education Programs Coordinator
Cullimore Hall, Room 501

The teacher education courses offered are in a sequence that prepares pre-service middle and secondary school teachers to meet the requirements mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education for licensure in the state of New Jersey.  Courses are offered at Rutgers-Newark under the R300 listing and at NJIT under the STS or ESTS listing on the NJIT registration system.  Not all courses are offered every semester and they must be taken in sequence.  The following documents can provide you some basic information about our program and teacher education in general.

ESTS Science Education Major Program

NJIT has been approved by the state of New Jersey for the first Science education major program that provides specific preparation for students seeking to be Biology, Chemistry, or Physics teachers in the state of New Jersey.  These majors are part of the Science Technology and Society (STS) program at NJIT.  Students should apply as STS majors in the education track.  Below are links to documents that list the course sequences and maps for these three majors:

For more information on Admissions or the College of Science and Liberal Arts Majors at NJIT apply online.